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Compact Injection Molding Machines


This injection molding machine has been specialized for the production of small precision parts and small parts using special resins.

Special materials that are used to form components in medical fields can be extremely expensive. Any loss of materials during production directly affects costs. This molding machine uses hot runners, making it possible to reduce the amount of material loss.

In general, injection molding machines are bulky, with a width that often exceeds two meters. We manufacture ultra-compact injection molding machines, the smallest of which has a width of 495 mm. This allows a more flexible selection of installation locations.

In the medical or optical component production fields, all equipment needs to be housed inside a clean room. Our molding machines are small enough to allow production while mounted on a clean bench.


Flat-type screw adopted, hot runners installed as standard, dedicated unit mold, highly efficient small reducing gear


Horizontal injection molding machines

Model 0610: Clamping force equivalent to 1 metric ton

Model 0813: Clamping force equivalent to 3 metric tons

Model 1320: Clamping force equivalent to 10 metric tons

Vertical injection molding machine

Model 0813V: Clamping force equivalent to 3 metric tons

Please contact us for more detailed specifications.

Unit Molds


The unit mold is a replaceable cassette system, and you can easily change the mold and molding conditions by replacing the unit mold only.

These unit molds are also used for our compact injection molding machines, contributing to the miniaturization of molds, the shortening of mold production time, and the shortening of mold changeover time.


Unit 06: Designed for 1 metric ton machines

PL dimensions (D x H) 60 x 100 mm

Unit 08: Designed for 3 metric ton machines

PL dimensions (D x H) 80 x 130 mm

Unit 13: Designed for 10 metric ton machines

PL dimensions (D x H) 130 x 200 mm (180 mm)

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